Arya Project

What if... we build a ferry that uses Rio de Janeiro rivers and canals

About Arya Project

A non-polluting urban mobility ferry should set sail for its first trips in early 2023.

  • Water transportation

  • Autonomus

  • Electric

  • Environment friendly

Autonomous ferry can be operated locally or remotely, and use automation in repeated operations. In principle, the ferry will transport Hurb employees, on the passenger route between the Peninsula, where the company's headquarters are located, and the Jardim Oceânico subway station, in round trips lasting about 20 minutes each stretch, with capacity for 15 people and bicycles .

The system will be 100% electric and will not emit polluting gases. Photovoltaic panels will be installed both on the ferry and on the docking pier (located on the Peninsula), will be used as a charging station and will contribute to charging the batteries, further reducing the environmental impact of the initiative. In addition, the technology will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to detect oil and water pollution during navigation, contributing to regulatory agents in environmental control measures.

Latest Releases


Final phase of the basic project

we are concluding the basic project, so we already have the main design and engineering features ready to send to manufacturing.(31/03/22)

Canal bathymetry

We map the points that we are going to do cleaning and dredging (11/02/22)

Project kick-off

Canal Research (02/02/22)

Peninsula - Jardim ocenânico Metro

Our first line (15/01/22)

Going beyond

The ferry will be a new option for urban mobility capable of saving people's time and integrating the existing urban fabric. Similar ferrys are already starting to operate in other countries, such as "Roboat", in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In Brazil, the Arya will be the first model in operation, with the know-how of TideWise.

Project benefits

  • 100% eletric
  • Improve Rio Traffic Efficience
  • Low noise emission
  • Canal cleaning

Creating new solutions solving old problems

First 3d model of the Arya Urban ferry

We will make navigation through Barra da Tijuca canal viable, witch means that will be possible to reduce a travel time that reached more than 60 min to 20 min.

Schedule 2022 and 2023

Feb 22


Set the project objective, schedule and deliverables.

June 22

Basic Project

Main dimensions, construction method, operating speed, autonomy, load capacity, requirements for WiseControlTM, operational and regulatory requirements.

Sept 22

Detailed Project

Ferry construction plans, bill of material, construction schedule, testing schedule, legal and regulatory requirements.

Oct 22

Start of manufacturing

With the specifications defined, we purchase motors and hardware and start manufacturing.

Feb 23

Ferry tests

We are going to start the tests of the ferry in the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro